Ashland Foundry & Machine Works Company ProfileWelcome to the Ashland Foundry & Machine Works, Inc (AFMW) website. Since 1881, this location has produced quality castings and machined products for various industries. AFMW has continued to reinvest in technology and equipment to enable us to produce steel and high alloy castings including highly cored castings that can be very complex in design. Our in-house machine shop is also capable of fully machining your castings.

AFMW differentiates itself from other foundries in several ways:

  1. Strict Contract review on all quote requests and new orders by technical, quality, customer service and operations personnel to make sure we meet your expectations for your product
  2. We produce over 36 chrome, steel and high alloy metals which can also be machined on site
  3. Technical Expertise including modeling, pouring simulations, manufacturing engineering and an in-house pattern shop.
  4. Throughout the quoting and manufacturing process, our customer service provides timely and excellent communication.
  5. Manufacturing Flexibility to provide you with products when you need them.

Please visit our website often as we continue to update it. We welcome your feedback and if you have a request for quote today please click and we will get your quote to you.


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